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제목 LED lighting ESCO investment projects 조회
등록일 2013.06.25 조회 1112

1. What sort of ESCO projects are do you have in mind?
1. Smart Grid Building (In existing buildings)
Government offices, private large buildings, shopping malls, hospital buildings, etc.,,,
1) Building exterior solar panels
2) Install the LED lighting used inside buildings
* Solar panels installed on the exterior of the building in the advanced electric power used in the
building interior lighting.
3) Investment : $ 10 million amount/ 1 year (next year double investment will increase)

2. Construction of solar power plants
-. Central government joint business,
-. Local city government a joint business,
-. Local companies joint business
1) 10-megawatt project in the 100-megawatt power plant construction
2) Investment : $ 30 million Dollar amount/ 1 year (next year double investment will increase)

3. LED street lights and residential security lamp replacement and installation for the investment project
The central government joint business, local city government a joint business,
1) The existing street lights installed Minimum 50,000 or
maximum 100,000 LED lighting to replace theInvestment project
2) The existing street lights installed Minimum 50,000 or
maximum 100,000 LED lighting to replace theinvestment project
3) Investment : $ 20 million Dollar amount/ 1 year (next year double investment will increasetment)

2. Are you thinking about installing street lights for local councils through a financed facility?
1. Investment Business Procedures
Example) The central government and local governments in Australia should apply to each.
1) LED street lamp replacement in Australian local government to submit a proposal.
2) Australian local government approves LED street lamp replacement project,
ASTRONIX company plans a total investment amount is written.
3) ASTRONIX company total investment plan shall be submitted to the Australian local government.
-. Product replacement quantity, electricity savings, electricity savings amount, amount of investment,
payback period, etc.,,,
4) ASTRONIX company and the Australian local government negotiate a business plan.
-. Investment, investment horizon, product selection, etc.,,,
5) Australia immediately if approved by the local government, LED lighting replacement work is performed.

2. Investment Business Procedures
ESCO contracts with the way the government investment projects.
1) ASTRONIX company and local government replaced by LED lighting business contract signing.
2) ASTRONIX investment company is prepared.
3) the local central government or local government in the Main Bank ESCO investment projects shall be
issued a certificate about the investment.
-. Investment issued by a bank guarantee is required.
-. ASTRONIX ESCO investment projects to the company during the period that the local government
investment guarantee is a document.
4) Local Government Bonds payable only if the ESCO business, ASTRONIX company ESCO investment projects
can proceed immediately.

Thank you for your interest.
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